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On this site I provide a list of my work in linguistics. Please use the links where provided to access the work.


2018. Split intransitivity: thematic roles, case and agreement. PhD dissertation, University of Cambridge.

2014. Aspects of the evolution of the Latin/Romance verbal system. MPhil thesis, University of Cambridge.

2013. Theoretical approaches to alignment, with special reference to split/fluid-S systems. Undergraduate dissertation, University of Cambridge.

Articles and book chapters

With Ian Roberts. To appear. Extending Parametric Comparison. To appear in Journal of Historical Linguistics

With Ian Roberts. Extending Parametric Comparison: Some Preliminary Results. In Paola Crisma & Giuseppe Longobardi (ed.), Handbook of historical and diachronic linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2020. Rethinking split intransitivity. In András Bárány, Theresa Biberauer, Jamie Douglas and Sten Vikner (eds.), Syntactic architecture and its consequences I: Syntax inside the grammar.

2019. Split intransitivity in English. English Language and Linguistics vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 557-89.

2018. Split intransitivity in Basque. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, vol. 11, pp. 1-35.

2016. Split intransitivity in English. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, vol. 9, pp. 1-34.

Other work

2015. Intransitive verb classes in English and the unaccusative hypothesis. Unpublished ms. Honourable Mention, Richard M. Hogg Prize 2015.

2012. Spelling variation in the Latin text of Codex Bezae. Unpublished ms.

Selected talks

[To follow.]